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Blond Wavy Hair

a gorgeous head of hair is everything a woman desires and deserves.

many women with hair loss suffer in silence, and often times, are forced to alter to a particular hairstyle to try to conceal their thinning hair. our goal is to ensure you no longer have to settle with hair you don't love. Unlike men, hair loss in women is less acceptable by societies standards. regardless of the cause, female hair loss can be a devastatingly painful experience for a woman. a woman's hairstyle is a big part of her identity, and thinning hair or hair loss can result in a low self esteem and little to no confidence

Our women's hair systems, wigs, hair extensions, and toppers are available in a wide variety of styles that are suited for your unique lifestyle and budget. It's no secret that you rely on hair and styling choices much more than men, but for far too long, women have believed that there are only a few answers for hair loss, Our customized female hair loss solutions are geared toward women and their need to feel beautiful again. Women suffering from thinning hair or hair loss have multiple non-surgical solutions available here at Final Touches Salon.

Hair systems

Deciding on the best hair piece that is suited for you requires intricate and important details. here at final touches, We offer semi-permanent, temporarily adhered, and metal clip attachments for our hair systems and toppers. we only work with the best quality hair on the market and stay up to date with the latest techniques and methods with continued education. Our non-surgical hair replacement salon combines technology and artistry, resulting in a natural integration of your own hair with supplementary hair.

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  • By having multiple attachment options, the possibilities are endless allowing us to help women at any stage of hair loss

  • No matter which hair replacement system you decide to go with, they each offer you instant results

  • Once our product is in place, you can take showers, go swimming, and engage in everyday activities with confidence

  • Our skilled and talented stylists will cut and style your hair however you wish. We achieve the best results when we replicate your own naturally growing hair, but you may also use this opportunity to explore a new look with a completely new head of hair


Wigs have come so far in today's world and anyone at any age can wear one. With our unique process, we will find a wig that is suited perfectly for you and your lifestyle. Our natural look and highest quality of hair will allow you to style your hair that gives you the look you want. Your confidence and satisfaction are our top priorities and promise to find the right fit for you!

  • Depending on the type of hairstyle you desire, our team will recommend one of the following: 100% Remy human hair, European hair, heat resistant synthetic, or synthetic-fiber

  • Whether you’re running errands around town, working out, or at the lake on a breezy day, your new hair will remain secure atop your head

  • As important as the hair or fiber, the foundation of the wig or addition is of vital importance to its style and comfort. Whether it's a simple machine made synthetic, or a super lightweight, hand-tied monofilament wig with a lace front, we have the right solution for you

  • Wigs can be extremely low maintenance with instant gratification

hair Extensions

Final touches is certified in 4 different methods of semi permanent hair extensions, along with clip ins. To learn more about the hair extensions we offer, please click here.

Wind in the Hair

Deciding what works for you is a very personal and private decision. But this decision also requires gaining knowledge about your options and selecting a service that will guide you through the process. We are 100% dedicated to providing you with a customized experience that is suited for you and your wants, needs, lifestyle, and budget. Our custom women’s hair loss replacement solutions studio is specifically designed to satisfy the distinctive challenges of women’s hair loss no matter what caused it.

Just remember, you are not alone. We are here to help you with whatever questions you may have and guide you in the right direction. 

-Final Touches Team

you can Call us at 701-356-3729, chat with us on the website, or book online to schedule your consultation.

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