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When I found out I had cancer, I was guided through the process of hair thinning, and I am so thankful. When I first came in and expressed my concerns with my scalp, I was educated on the chemical free, plant based products that would help calm my scalp - I haven't looked back since!
When the time was right, I decided to order a wig. When the wig came in, I was blown away with the quality! Not only did they make sure it fit right by making adjustments to it, they also taught me how to put it on, take it off, style it, and take care of it at home.  I was so impressed and have received so many compliments, which makes me feel so wonderful. I just love the professionalism and the caring nature that I received. I am so thankful to have found Final Touches!
-Kathy, Fargo

I am so thankful.

I leave feeling renewed.

I'm excited to be a client at Final Touches Salon. April & Shannon are professional and knowledgable and privacy is respected. They have moved forward to address my concerns and find what works best for my hair. When I leave their salon I feel relaxed and renewed and I look forward to all future appointments at Final Touches Salon. 

If you are looking for the best in hair care, give April or Shannon a call.
-Mary, Fargo

I go for the atmosphere as much as the great service!

I love my extensions! I have dark brown hair, which it would take several sessions to lighten if I wanted to achieve a pop of color or new look. I hadnt really thought of getting extensions since my hair is thick and long but Bellamis Raspberry Sorbet color is just what I needed for a fresh start in 2021. The instructions given to me by Final Touches Salon for hair maintenance were simple to understand yet very detailed.
From watching television shows about makeovers, I had preconceived notions that the installation process would be painful and take an uncomfortable amount of time. Although it is a process to install, April and Shannon are knowledgeable, efficient and worked well as a team to quicken the appointment so that it was a breeze for me as a client. It sure helps that we can have great conversations while they are still focused on the intricate weft sewing/placement. I go for the atmosphere as much as the great service!
-Sarah, West Fargo

It was the best decision as it has given me an extra pep in my step!

I just have to share my excitement for, as I call it, a life changer that Final Touches has made for me!!! Dealing with thinning/hair loss for many years, my daughter in law (hair stylist) told me about Final Touches. From the initial consultation with Shannon I felt at ease (ordered my topper that day) and it was the best decision, as it has given me an extra pep in my step!! I no longer struggle every morning trying every product out there to try to cover up my bare spots and worrying all day about the coverage. Now I put my topper on, do a quick touch up, and I’m off and ready for a new day!! I highly recommend you check them out !!

-Debbie, Horace

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