Prom Hair Salon Services In Fargo, ND

Prom Hair Services

  • Updo
  • Half Updo
  • Hair Styles
  • Make Up
  • Prom Package: Hair and Make up for 4 or more girls

Tips for Prom Hairstyles

  1. Certain Updo’s will be more suitable to a particular face shape
  2. It doesn’t hurt to try your updo a month before prom so you can choose the ideal choice
  3. Hair care accessories like shine sprays, glitter, or jewelry can help accentuate a style
  4. Manage hair by using effective hair care products and maintaining regular trims to keep split ends in check months before the big night!
  5. Have a few extra updo ideas to try out

Prom Hair Maintenance

The next step for a great prom hairstyle is maintenance. This usually begins after selecting your prom hairstyle till prom day. Taking care of your hair includes many factors such as using professional products, doing weekly conditioning treatments, maintaining a proper and nutritious diet, and when you give it breaks from hot tools such as blow dryers and flat irons. I will list three of the the main steps for healthy maintenance:

  1. Keep hair length consistent for trial updos before prom
  2. Take good care of hair with use of professional products and conditioning treatments
  3. If you color your hair make sure to get it touched up a week before prom so that you have a fresh color for prom day

Final Preparations For Prom Hairstyles

As prom approaches, it is important to make sure we are ready! These are some last minute step that will help to ensure that you are prepared for any situation and help prevent prom day hairstyle disasters.

  1. Make sure to schedule your appointment plenty of time ahead to ensure you get the proper time needed for your updo
  2. Come with your hair dry and washed and conditioned the day before with some product in it. You do not want your hair to be overly conditioned and silky the day of your updo .
  3. Wear a button up shirt when getting your hairstyle done so that you won’t risk altering your updo in the process of taking it off
  4. A couple weeks prior to prom have a few hairstyling items handy in case of an emergency. These items can consist of styling tools, accessories such as bobby pins or clips, hairsprays, and anything else you can think of you may need.